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The focus of the Frankfurt-based company is on the implementation and operation of IT-as-a-service platforms (ITaaS) within virtual private cloud environments. The platforms comprise standardised components that are combined and configured in line with customerspecific requirements. The team of 60 professionals leverages its indepth understanding of data centre operations and cloud computing to find the perfect balance between "as standardised as possible" and "as customised as necessary".

"For us, the cloud is a service model. Our customers have the choice between provisioning resources from a standardised and extensible modular on-premises edge data centre or from a high-availability Innovo Cloud data centre in Frankfurt" explains CIO and co-founder Stefan Sickenberger. All services, from edge data centre hosting to the operation of standardised cloud platforms can be provisioned via an as-a-service model. Customers are free to decide whether the services are self-managed or fully-managed.

The ITaaS concept meets the diverse challenges of start-ups, SMEs and major corporations in equal measure. The overriding mission is to give customers a tailored infrastructure and service model that allows them to respond quickly, easily and dynamically to changing technological needs within their market, and in line with their specific compliance imperatives.


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