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09.09.2015. A group of 55 new trainees has started a new chapter in their lives at the Friedhelm Loh Group. They were welcomed by Dr. Thomas Steffen, Managing Director Research and Development, who gave them their first top tips for a successful traineeship.

The ‘Internet of Things’, ‘smart factories’ and ‘big data’ – even at their official welcome event, the Friedhelm Loh Group’s new trainees were plunged into the themes that are currently taking the industry by storm. “These are the developments that will dominate your training over the next few years,” explained Steffen, as he welcomed the new intake to the group. “These watchwords show that we’re offering you a fascinating job that is focused firmly on the future, but also that we expect a lot from you in return – in terms of your performance, commitment and enthusiasm.” The up-and-coming specialists were told of the dynamic environment that the region’s biggest employer offers them.

The new trainees are just some of the 250 young people who are being trained in one of 20 career fields at the Friedhelm Loh Group. The top employer has trained more than 1,200 trainees since 2000 alone. “The Friedhelm Loh Group offers you the best opportunities to learn, work and develop your skills,” said Steffen. He went on to discuss the range of training measures the company uses to invest in employees, particularly at its own training facility, the Loh Academy. “You will certainly benefit from these in numerous positions.”

Exciting times for trainees

“Things aren’t going to get any quieter in the future,” emphasised the MD, pointing to the exciting changes that Industry 4.0 is bringing to the industry: “We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and that will have consequences for your training. How will companies communicate with each other in the future? How will communication work along the entire value chain? How could customers submit orders electronically? You will be looking into these issues in a great deal of detail.” However, Steffen also pointed out that the Friedhelm Loh Group always gives its trainees the tools they need to find the answers and wished the 55 career starters all the best for their training at the Group: “I am certain you will all do very well.”

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Image: An exciting traineeship lies ahead: Dr. Thomas Steffen, Managing Director Research and Development, welcomes the 55 new trainees with Matthias Hecker, head of commercial and technical training at Rittal, and Tina Pfeiffer-Busch, training coordinator at the Friedhelm Loh Group.

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