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14.05.2018. Watch. Listen. Learn: The idea for a perfect enclosure was not born at the drawing board or in the lab – but rather in the workshops of Rittal’s international customers. The question “How can we make the best even better?” served as the starting point for a scientific field study conducted on three continents before development of the new large enclosure began. The cover story of the latest issue of “be top” tells of the eye-opening knowledge which Rittal gained from an intensive dialogue with customers. The magazine of the Friedhelm Loh Group also shows how the sister companies LKH and Stahlo are equipping themselves for the future.

In an ever-changing world, standing still can only mean one thing – going backwards. Companies which want to be successful and competitive must thus commit themselves to progress and unique innovation. They must take the lead. Rittal has demonstrated its striving for perfection with the development of the new large enclosure system VX25. The new issue of the group magazine “be top” looks back over five exciting years and reports on the milestones of an extraordinary development story.

Eplan: Simple, faster and error-free wiring

Switchgear manufacturer H. Westermann has come to appreciate the benefits of digitisation in control and switchgear engineering, not least thanks to Eplan Smart Wiring. A digital wiring plan saves time and reduces the risk of errors. “be top” also reveals further developments which switchgear manufacturers can expect in the future.

Cideon: Effective taming of fast-growing data

Automation has similarly risen to a new level at Siloking, a Bavarian manufacturer of fodder mixer-wagons. The implementation of new business software from Cideon enables the company to develop and launch new machines at a faster pace, bolstering its already dynamic growth. “be top” introduces the project.

Stahlo: Ready for the future with a new factory

The decision to build a new Stahlo factory in Gera was not only a response to changing market needs, but also commitment to continuation of the present growth course. By doubling the size of its machine park compared to the old factory, the modern steel service centre will boost its annual capacity to around 400,000 tonnes. In the new “be top”, readers can learn how Stahlo is gearing up for the future with this investment.

LKH: Strategic realignment

Plastics processor LKH, on the other hand, is preparing for the future with strategic realignment of its activities. In an interview, new managing director Volker Hindermann explains how he plans to open up new markets and technology sectors, and in this way position the company as an applications specialist with unique process and material know-how. The focus on customer needs and dedication to achieving operational excellence enable LKH to stand out as an adviser to the industry.

Tesvolt: Flexible and demand-oriented power

Whether in the mountains, at sea or in the desert: Battery storage manufacturer Tesvolt relies on standardised components from Rittal for the large-scale storage systems with which it brings reliable power supplies to even the most remote locations. “be top” tells how the start-up has in this way secured a competitive advantage on the fiercely contested energy storage market.

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Image: “How can we make the best even better?” Read the cover story in the latest issue of group magazine “be top” for the answer and to learn about the eye-opening knowledge which Rittal gained from an intensive dialogue with customers.

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