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Bosch Global Supplier Award für Rittal

  • Rittal receives Bosch Global Supplier Award
  • The accolade is granted to the 47 best suppliers from a worldwide total of 43,000
  • Suppliers act as partners for innovation

01.08.2019. Rittal received the coveted Bosch Global Supplier Award, granted every two years. From a total of some 43,000 suppliers around the world, Bosch honoured 47 companies from 15 countries. Rittal is one of the leading providers of solutions for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services.

“The Bosch Global Supplier Award allows us to highlight our best suppliers worldwide. The recipients have demonstrated exceptionally high standards of performance, and have collaborated with us in a spirit of close partnership. Our winners have displayed excellence across the board, from technical expertise, to high-quality logistics, to entrepreneurial potential,” states Andreas Reutter, Head of Supply Chain Management at Robert Bosch GmbH.

“Bosch is a worldwide pioneer in technological innovation. We are proud the company has placed its trust in us as a long-term partner,” emphasises Dr Karl-Ulrich Köhler, CEO of Rittal International: “We make all efforts to support our customers within their value chain, not just with innovative and top-quality products but also with extremely timely availability.”

Bosch partnerships with suppliers

“Nowadays, our suppliers do more than simply provide us with parts. They are partners for development and innovation, contributing to Bosch’s competitiveness,” adds Reutter. Bosch strives for partnerships that drive long-term competitive advantage. Suppliers with the proven ability to cooperate closely with Bosch can actively participate in strategy and development projects at an early stage – and position themselves for the future.

Benefits for customers and the climate

When it comes to the future direction of products and manufacturing processes, technology leaders are increasingly turning their attention to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. In this context, a smaller carbon footprint is an ever-greater priority. Rittal helps its customers achieve these key goals. The Blue e+ cooling units, for instance, offer average energy savings of 75 per cent, making them the most efficient products of their kind worldwide.

It is estimated that there are around two million enclosure cooling units in operation in Europe alone. Replacing them all with Blue e+ devices would reduce power consumption by more than four million gigawatt hours every year. This would cut carbon dioxide emissions by three million metric tons per year.

In addition to enhanced energy efficiency, companies are looking to reduce the need for cooling and to curb emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). Rittal products already comply with the more stringent requirements of the corresponding EU directive. Moreover, Rittal aids customers with achieving their climate protection goals via tools, expert advice and services. Support ranges from planning and upgrading cooling systems in order to meet the new, higher standards, to the calculation of energy savings, their carbon dioxide equivalent and the payback period for total cost of ownership (TCO) – plus streamlined application for grants and/or subsidies.

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