Friedhelm Loh Group

Tips for applicants

Every application is as unique as the person submitting it. That’s why we carefully check every application we receive in person and in total confidentiality. Working closely with the department, we’ll keep you up to date about the next steps in the selection process.

Our expectations

Use your application to give us a detailed impression of your personality and skills. Refer specifically to the post you want to take up and stick to the really important information.

Why are you applying? What are your personal strengths and what makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Ultimately, it is quality that counts, not quantity.

How do I apply?

Please use our online application function. The Application Wizard will help you send us all the relevant information quickly and securely. That saves time, money and paper – for both of us.

There are deliberately very few mandatory fields in our application process. You decide what information you want to send us. The upload function offers a simple and convenient means of uploading key documents such as a CV as attachments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Applying online – what you need to know

    1. If you are applying for the first time, you will need to register. To register, you will need a valid e-mail address.

    2. When you click “Apply”, the Application Wizard will guide you through all the various steps. You can enter personal details and upload documents (max. 5 MB in total, supported formats: doc, docx, pdf, tif, jpg).

    3. Close the application by clicking “Send Application Now”. When your details have been sent, you will receive an e-mail with an automatic confirmation of receipt.

    4. You can access your personal applicant profile at any time via the Login function. Once you have logged in, you can view and edit your details. You can also use your access data to work on an application you started earlier or start a new application.

  • Which browsers are supported?

    Our online application process works with all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

  • How do I register?

    Start by opening the online application dialogue and use the Application Wizard to create your personal user account. You will need to enter your name, a valid e-mail address, a user name and a password. Once you have “saved” your registration, you will be sent a brief confirmation e-mail.

  • How much time should I allow for submitting an online application?

    It is up to you to decide how to structure your online application. There are very few mandatory fields in our application process, so you can submit an application in just a few minutes. Besides entering your details in the form fields, you can also use the upload function as a fast and convenient way to attach your own documents to your application.

  • What types of documents should I include with my application?

    You decide what information you want to provide and how you want to present it via the Application Wizard. It is important that your application is genuinely informative and gives us a full picture of your personality and skills.

    Besides completing the form fields, you can also upload your own documents (e.g. CV, references) in the “Attachments” section – either as individual files or compiled into one file.

    You should tell us why you are applying in a cover letter. You can add this to your applicant profile as a general attachment or copy&paste/type it directly into the “Cover Letter” section of the Application Wizard. The text field is helpful if you are applying for several vacancies at the same time, as it allows you to customise your cover letter to the individual posts.

  • What is the size limit for the files I upload?

    The maximum total allowance for attachments is 5 MB. The supported file formats are: doc, docx, pdf, tif, jpg.

  • Can I stop working on my application and then continue with it later on?

    Yes, you can come back to an incomplete application later on. The data you have entered so far will still be there. You can enter your personal access details in the Login function at any time to return to your application and continue working on it (“My Applications” → “Continue/Display Application”).

  • I’ve forgotten my login details – what can I do?

    You can request new access details via the Login function on our careers portal. To do this, use the “Forgot your password?” function and enter your e-mail address or user name. A few minutes after submitting your request, you will receive an e-mail with new access details that you can use to log back into the system.

  • How will I know that my application has been sent?

    A few minutes after your documents have been sent, an automatic confirmation of receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

    Not yet received confirmation of receipt?

    Your application is probably still at “Draft” status. Please log in with your access details and check the status under “My applications”. You can continue to edit your application by clicking “Continue/Display Application” and then send it.

  • How can I view and edit my details?

    You can access your applicant profile and therefore your personal data at any time via the Login function. If necessary, you can change or add to your data (“Candidate Profile” → “My Profile”). Any changes that are made to your candidate profile will be visible immediately and will also be used to update any applications that are open or have already been sent.

  • What do I do if I can’t upload my file attachments?

    Please check the size and format of your file attachments (maximum total size 5 MB, compatible formats: doc, docx, pdf, tif, jpg.).

    If you are still unable to upload some or all of your files, please get in touch with us – your contact in HR will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can send us your application without the attachments, as you can always upload them later on.

  • Can I withdraw or delete my application?

    Yes. To do this, you will need to log in. You can then select the relevant application under “My Applications” and remove it by clicking “Delete/Withdraw”.

  • Can I delete/unregister my account myself?

    Yes. To do this, you will need to log in. You can deactivate your account and thus delete your personal information by clicking “Delete Registration” under “Candidate Profile”. As the final step, you will receive confirmation via e-mail.

  • How can I retrospectively release my profile for consideration?

    When you are logged in, you can retrospectively release your candidate profile for other vacancies or reverse this setting under “My Profile” → “Overview and Release”.

  • Will my data be treated as confidential?

    Yes, applicant data is sensitive information that we treat as absolutely confidential. Please also refer to our data privacy statement.

  • Can I submit multiple applications?

    Yes, of course you can. To do this, please use your existing account and the data you have already entered. After logging in with your personal access details, you can then send off another application very quickly. You may want to check that your details are complete and up to date.

    There are two ways you can start another application. You can use the “Apply” function to log in with your access details (“Already registered with our careers portal?” → “Application Wizard”). Alternatively, you can also start by using the login function. In this case, after logging in, select your chosen vacancy under “Employment Opportunities” and start your new application by selecting “Apply”.

  • What is the Employee Login for?

    The employees of the Friedhelm Loh Group can apply for our internal vacancies.

    There are two ways to register and then submit an online application:

    Option A: Apply via the intranet (→ “Internal Jobs Board” app)

    Option B: Apply via our Internet-based careers portal (→ “Employee Login”)

    Please also take note of the application tips on the intranet. Colleagues from the Recruiting Team will be happy to help out with any questions you may have!

  • What are the advantages of applying online?

    There are lots of advantages to applying online: It is convenient and saves time, money and paper – for both of us. Our online Application Wizard helps you send us all the relevant information quickly and securely.